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Mark carefully studied the needed repairs on my 16 x 12 shed. Most importantly, he analyzed how and why the shed had settled in the uneven way it did. The clay soil was affected by rains and the layout of the adjacent house and the runoff from the back yard. One of the railroad ties had to

I received excellent service, and a great deal for the products i've order my business.

Thank you Alex for constant support and providing great products. As an interior designer, Iím very picky, as I want only the best of my clients. Omicron constantly keeps updating the store with new designs every time I visit them. I highly recommend them. company.

These guys are AMAZING!!!! Omicron Granite & Tile has a big showroom with a huge selection. And I must tell you the price was fairer than many other estimates I received. I got my bathroom upgraded, and next time, I would definitely use them again for my kitchen upgrade. Highly recommended.

I purchased products for my kitchen upgrade. These included a tile floor, granite counter tops and tile back-splash. It has been a few months since the installation and everything still looks brand new. Highly impressed with their products and definitely recommend them.

Omicron Granite & Tile provides superb service. I got my kitchen upgraded with a recent purchase I made at Omicron. Their showroom has a huge selection of flooring, sinks, backsplash, countertops and all of the remodelling products you can think of at a fair price. Their staff is friendly,

I visited a number of contractors to get a perfect match with the already done walls. Getting into the big showroom of Omicron Granite & Tile astonished me with the great variety of flooring. Not only they have the material, but also the expert installers. My kitchen now looks fantastic.

Do NOT use this company. He lies, never shows up and does not come back if there is a problem.

Really good stuff for contractors and homeowners that want commercial grade equipment. Lots of items.

I had to stop construction for 2 weeks because Kark Lumber kept promising lumber and never met their deadline. If they can't get something done they should just say so and customers can go somewhere else. Finally, just cancelled my order and started from scratch with another lumber company.

Excellent work on my house!!

I had to have roofing the next day before it rained! They made it happen!

We had all of the solid surfaces (countertops) designed and installed by Design Fabrication and we could not be happier. Their staff is very professional, courteous and extremely knowledgeable. The job was performed within budget and on time. The customer service they offer is outstanding.

Some of the dishes are fantastic but others are slight and unsatisfying. The atmosphere is lovely enough but sometimes communicating with the waiters can be difficult. Overall a good option because of the low prices and private setting.

Recently my uncle passed away, and Joyces' Floral Bow-K was recommended to me by a family friend. The staff was professional and sympathic and they helped me pick the perfect arrangement. The quality of the flowers was excellent and the price was good compared to other florists in the area.

Crafters and artists will find lots of creative supplies. This store is for more than the home improvement fans.

Huge Selection of Tile, Friendly and helpful service is what you can expect from the Seattle Tile Co. I Love the large selection of granite tiles they have,.

Very good prices on work gloves. I buy there all time.

This is an awesome company with awesome employees. They offer great products, friendly and helpful service. I would recommend them to everyone!

Figured out how to build the gate exactly the way I wanted it. Very nice installation work. Clearly an experienced fence company.

OK. I concede customer service may not be dead. This place is the exception to the crap service revolution. Every where you look there is someone actually.

I prefer this location because I have a secret entrance. I think it was built just for me. I park on the far right and go through the doors by the lumber.

This equipment rental shop is run by a friendly, rangy character who works with a colorful bird perched on his shoulder. The business is actually located at.

I stopped in here to grab some chain saw oil, as they are one of the few Stihl dealers in town. Aside from the basics of landscaping and construction.

We are doing a complete bathroom remodel, and we had looked at tile in several stores but were unsure what we wanted. We walked into The Tile Shop and we.

Beacon Paint has the best service and help I have ever seen. They always put the customer first. They always have treats for dogs and balloons for kids. The employes are very helpful. I have noticed that Bruce Stark is the comedian in the family. You are never bored when you go to the store,

I agree with Greg's comments. I have purchased wood restored from old houses or barns to build stalls. Its better wood than what you can purchase new and was a heck of a lot cheaper. Some was so tough pilot holes were difficult to start. There are several decorator items that are new in the

Excellent source for information and pricing on used storage racks,shelving and pallet racks & decking equipment, is where I go to find rack prices because they are current and accurate. I suggest anyone interested in buying used pallet racks or tire racks can find what to expect

Helpful staff, organized, and realitively cheap. way better than HD for lumber and electrical.

Very helpful on the phone. great products good prices

I live in Franklin Township and Carl's Fencing had the cheapest estimate of all the quotes that I received from companies near me. I was skeptical about going with the cheapest company, but I'm glad that I did. They did a great job, did it in a timely manner and were very professional to deal

Almost overly friendly and helpful. Had exactly what I needed and I found products that will be very useful in the future.

This Company has offered me a One Stop Repair Service for all my Restaurant Repair needs. They took the burden off my back. Like they advertise. One call and they handled it all. Great pricing, fast service, and knowledgeable staff. You won't be dissappointed.

Many of my Yelp fans, already know, Dennis and I are renovating our basement. Last week, we purchased some old kitchen cabinets off to.

This store was hardware central during the building boom of Northwest Vegas. The store has lost some of its stature since a branch of Lowe's opened nearby.

Staff was helpful & fast. I was in & out of there with everything I needed.

S.E. Drey & Company is the largest stocking distributor of casters in the state of Indiana. They have every type of caster and wheel from small chair casters to large industrial casters for jet engine stands. Wheels of every type can be found here to handle any kind of working environment.


We used them for all new doors when we renovated our office, all of the doors were nice and fit perfectly.

I have been a customer of Porter Bottle Company for several years and have always been happy with their service and selection. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Most of the plastic containers that I purchase can be bought individually (in ones and twos) if needed. Glass jars and bottles

A local hardware store with a selection of hard to find items for older houses. If you need trim, molding, or wood pieces for your house and you don't want.

The best store for your acrylic need by far. the people are nice the service is fast and the prices are reasonable. and the only store i know of that always.

Between Lowe's and Home Depot, Lowe's beats HD hands down. While their respective selections are adequate and like each other's, the shopping experience at.

They don't always hire the smartest people. I watched on kid throwing a 2/4 up in the air and try to catch it. The hardware counter guy is a dumb ass as.

Go where the contractors go, and save a bundle, on all of your plumbing needs. Also, if you happen to need obscurely sized radiator valves or other strange.

This market stand is located right outside of Back Bay t-stop. I stop there at least once a week to get my produce. I know it seems skeevy buying you're.

That's one great place there. everything you need from, hammers to chisels, to markers to survey tape to draft supplies, rite in the rain notebooks, even the high tech stuff too, sat phones, GPS equipment, survey lasers, if you can't buy then rent! You don't have to even be a surveyor, you


Excellent source for Dollar Stores and Discount Stores.

Responded within 2 hours, scheduled appointment for the following day. Our ceiling was delivered and installed in the following two weeks. Very nice job, thank you!