Great Land Window locally manufactures fiberglass doors and windows. Fiberglass is a proven material that clearly offers substantial improvements over vinyl, wood, and aluminum. Great Land Window Co. is locally owned & operated in Fairbanks, AK. Expertise and replacement parts are always readily available.

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  City Fairbanks, AK
  Zip Code 99709
  Address 2401 College Rd
  Phone Number (907) 479-8437

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Also called European Windows, our Tilt/Turns are the most appropriate window for Cold-temperature climates. We make ours with fully insulated 4-Sided fiberglass framing, locking points wrapped along all four sides, and Cardinal Triple-Pane glass. Our Crank windows can be made as Casement (hinged on the side) or Awning (hinged on the top) styles. Both are made with fully insulated 3-Sided fiberglass framing, Multi-point locking hardware, and Cardinal Triple-Pane glass. We make our doors with fully insulated 4-Sided fiberglass framing and Cardinal Triple-Pane glass.

The Tilt/Turn window design has been around since 1920. The fit is very uniform and much of the hardware is quite compatible from brand to brand. Our modern hardware is retrofittable to most of the Tilt/Turn window and door brands commonly found in Alaska such as Alaska Window, Rehau, and Trocal. Tilt/Turn windows and doors are designed to be maintained in place. They have a built-in means of adjustment that solves most operational problems. However, if the hardware has worn out or broken then replacing it is a fairly simple task.

Thermal Expansion/Contraction is bad for windows and is what couases them to warp in the heat and cold. PVC (Vinyl) framing warps over 8 times more than our pultruded fiberglass framing. Moreover, our fiberglass framing moves at a rate that is almost identical to the sealed glass unit it contains. Our fiberglass framing is over 8 times stronger than similar PVC framing. This means that we can build much larger, more stable windows and doors without fear of them sagging over time. Unlike the PVC (vinyl plastic) frame on the right, our fiberglass frames are fully insulated on the inside.

An inward opening window that opens in two directions. Turning the handle 90 degrees will allow you to turn the window inward on hinges mounted on the left or right. Turning the handle 180 degrees will allow you to tilt the window inwards on hinges mounted horizontally at the bottom. This is the tightest sealing, warmest window made due to the multitude of locking points that can be located along all four sides (both sides, top, and bottom). It is also commonly called a "European" or "Dual-Action" window.

We create this door by bonding 1/8" pultruded fiberglass skins to a 1 3/4" EPS foam core. The core is then bonded to a fully insulated pultruded fiberglass Box-section perimeter frame. Next, the frame is wrapped with two perimeters of Santoprene rubber weatherstripping (rated to -81F). European hardware that secures a deadbolt and drives 10 locking points wrap around all four edges (top, bottom, handle side, and hinge side) and lock the weatherstripping and frame down tight to the included jamb and threshold.